What is AppraisX
AppraisX provides a 3rd Party, Appraiser Independence, USPAP, Dodd-Frank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA and FHA compliant solution to order appraisals nationally at a realistic fee. We focus on a Lender/Appraiser friendly approach with unmatched customer service. Our expert appraisers across the country bring years of experience with an untarnished record. All of our appraisers are Certified and FHA approved which provides you portability for your appraisal reports. Our experience comes from an appraisal background so you receive reviewed reports based on appraisal institute standards and underwriting guidelines. We welcome all appraisers to submit their information to us for review so that we can build our team of appraisal experts and serve our customers with the highest quality reports and the fastest turn-time we can provide.

Email & SMS Notification Engine

Robust Automatic Reminders Based on Key Process Triggers, Interactive with Full Communication and Notes/History Tracking

Create New Orders

Easy Import of 1003 Files or Start From Scratch, Robust Search/Create Your Own Numbering Prefix System.

What we saw in the appraisal process was a very human-dependent, time-intensive process…status updates, order entry, appraisal assignment, appraisal report delivery, appraisal review and eventually invoicing. Being able to design an Appraisal System that perpetuates Better Customer Service, Better Turnaround Times, Better Workflow Management and Increased Productivity is what drove us to create AppraisX. Our product name was derived from the words Appraisal- paperwork needed to complete a real estate transaction X-unknown number of steps/communication to complete an appraisal, hence the name AppraisX.

We created a system intelligent enough to track and know where each step in the process your appraisal is. The System notifies through email and SMS messages all parties (Appraisal Management Company, Lender, Appraiser) every 24hrs single of appraisal status, single-handedly eliminating dropped/missed communications. In addition, the system has robust features in that you can view HUD approved appraisers close to your property along with contact information, integrated Google map to pinpoint precisely the property & neighborhood that you will be visiting and other appraisals you have in the area that day (if any) and many more intuitive features!

Because of our commitment to having the best Appraisal Software possible, we release quarterly updates to enhance features and workflow alike to assure you, our customers have a superior product in both quality and price. There are no long term commitment or signup fees to use our system, so sign up and enjoy Better Customer Service, Better Turnaround Times, Better Workflow Management and Increased Productivity today!

Why Lenders Love Us

Our website is a user-friendly tool to keep track of your pipeline. You have direct access and can check the status of your orders as often as you'd like. We protect your company by complying to and staying current with all industry standards. We work with all of the major lenders and adhere to underwriting.

Why Appraisers Love Us

AppraisX was born from an appraisal background. We know the appraiser’s point of view and understand what it takes to complete a credible report. OrderProUSA uses this experience to bridge the gap to meet the needs of the Lender, Appraiser and Borrower. Join our team today and experience the difference!

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